What is diamond painting and why has it become such a popular pastime?

Diamond painting is a new craft-related hobby which combines elements of both painting by numbers and cross-stitch. Provided with a numbered grid, flat coloured tiles, a sorting tray, glue and an applicator pen, diamond painting kits are also reminiscent of mosaic making. 


To complete a diamond painting, use the numbers on the canvas and the corresponding diamonds (which normally come in numbered bags to make the task easier), applying the correct colour to the correct place on the canvas. 


Diamond painting kits, like painting by numbers kits, come in a variety of designs, sizes, styles and difficulties. We recommend using at least a 30x30 size to capture the full effect and detail contained within a picture. 

Once completed, diamond paintings can be framed and hung on the wall, or given as a thoughtful gift. 


Why not check out our customised diamond painting kits? Simply choose a size, place an order, and pop us over an email at customerservice.hobbyandcraft@gmail.com attaching your chosen photograph! Check out our customised diamond painting kits here:




Happy crafting!



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