'How To' Guide to Diamond Painting - Tutorial

There's no doubt about it: diamond painting is one of the fastest up-and-coming crafts of this generation. And with good reason, too! Diamond painting has been shown to enhance mindfulness, reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, and promote psychological wellbeing

As with anything, getting started might seem daunting. The concept of diamond painting really could not be easier, however. Starting with a canvas, you'll take the symbols from the picture, and check these against the guide (usually printed on the side of the canvas), to find out what number diamonds will need to be placed on squares containing those symbols. The diamond pieces come in numbered bags, which makes it super easy for you to locate the matching colour.

Once you know exactly what colour diamonds to place, you can tip a few of them at a time into the small tray provided, making sure that the flat side is facing down. Then, you can take your diamond painting pen, dipping it slightly in the wax provided (the tiniest amount will last a long time!), so that it can pick up the diamond pieces easily. 

Completed the above steps? You're good to go! Your diamond painting canvas should be covered in film, which, when lifted, will reveal the sticky coating that your diamonds will adhere to. Best practice is to peel back only a small area at a time, so that you do not lose the stickiness from the rest of the canvas. You can start placing your diamonds on the corresponding symbols on the canvas, lining them up as straight as possible. 

Still unsure? This video tutorial from the lovely Colour with Claire will help guide you as you get started with your first diamond painting piece!


Good luck, and most of all, HAVE FUN! 



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