Diamond Painting News! Hobby and Craft UK becomes The Diamond Painting Factory!

The Diamond Painting Factory


We have recently undergone a complete rebranding, including our url/domain, logo and company name. The transformation is now official - you can find The Diamond Painting Factory Ltd on the Companies House register!



Nobody was more surprised than us at how fast our diamond painting range took off! Having previously sold painting by numbers kits and a range of other stationery and craft items, we found ourselves primarily focusing on our diamond painting kits, including a flood of orders for custom kits!

We were just as hooked. 

Over time we have made many amazing connections within the diamond painting community, honed our knowledge of the craft, and built a rapport with super-loyal customers who come back again and again for their diamond painting kits.

As a family-run business, diamond painting is what we are really passionate about, what we, personally, enjoy doing, and what we LOVE to see from our customers. 

Ultimately, it made sense to focus on this one aspect of our business, and we believe that we can bring you, our customer, a better service this way!


Do I need to do anything to keep my account active? 

Your account will remain the same. No need to change or update any details.


Will my loyalty points/store credit/gift card balance still be valid?

Absolutely! None of our store facilities have been affected by this change.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers - both new and old - for their continued support. Seeing completed diamond paintings, working on your customs and chatting all things 'DP' with you has been an absolute delight!


Warmest Regards,

The Diamond Painting Factory

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